4 Ways to Spot a Great wine

With such a variety of wines on the market, how do you know which ones are good and which are just boosted by a fancy-looking label? Expensive or old wine doesn’t necessarily mean good wine, so here are some tips to spot a great tasting tipple:

Read the small print

Check out the back labels on your wine. Front appearances can be deceiving, so look for clues about the wine such as fruits, flavours, region, ageing process and the importers. Look for wine awards or reviews. This usually means that you’re investing in a decent bottle.


The classic technique of the swirl and sniff. Smell your wine to search for subtle hints of greatness. Does it smell of fruit, floral tones or honey? That’s the first step to knowing it’s actually good wine, but if it smells like wet paper, that usually mean it’s corked and therefore no good! According to statistics, around 8% of wine bottled becomes corked, so try a screw cap. If you are using a screw top then you eliminate the chances of the wine being corked! Screw caps also keep bacteria out of wine and allow an open wine to stay fresh for even longer. Ignore the myth they are of less quality, because that’s not true.

Know your numbers

If you do some research and know your years and regions, you will be able to associate the climate and weather conditions with a perfectly produced wine. Don’t be fooled by age! If you are deciding to try a new region, do some background research before you buy so you know what to look out for. The internet is filled with great information, take advantage of it.

Personal choice

Remember we all have different unique palates, so what may taste delicious for one person, may not taste delicious to you. Try a variety of choices, or take a trip to a wine tasting event. They are filled with choice and information and are a great way to find your perfect wine.

Here at the Perfect Wine List, we want to help simplify the process of buying wine. We work with specially chosen importers who have sourced a selection of great quality wines, ensuring that you’re getting the perfect wine for you each and every time.