4 ways you can use wine in cooking

We all know wine is great to drink, but did you also know it’s brilliant to cook with? As a rule of thumb, when cooking lighter dishes such as chicken and fish, choose a lighter white wine, and when cooking with red meat or lamb, choose a heavier red wine. Wine can be used in a variety of ways during cooking, so here are our top tips for using wine for your next dinner! Perhaps you can enjoy the leftover wine in a glass.

With fish

Wine actually adds flavour and helps cook fish. A great way to add moisture and extra flavour to fish without adding extra fat through deep frying is to use wine in the cooking process. Why not add a drop of wine to the pan while the fish is simmering, or use boiling wine to poach the fish over a saucepan? You could even bake your fish with wine by drizzling the fish with a teaspoon of wine in the foil before baking.


Baking cakes

You can use wine for baking cakes! Try replacing some of the fat in cakes with wine and this will result in a light cake with delicious added flavours. Red wine has berry-like flavours and chocolate and coffee notes, so try a dark chocolate red wine cake for a brilliant flavour combination.


To cook and simmer

Add wine to slow cookers, in the oven, or in the pan. Wine actually helps food to cook and, as a bonus, adds flavour and moisture to whatever you are cooking. White wine goes particularly well with foods like mushrooms and olives adding delicious flavour combinations.

To make marinades

Wine is an acid ingredient brimming with flavour, so it works perfectly in a marinade. A wine-based marinade will help keep meat, chicken and seafood moist while it’s cooking.

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