5 perfect wine pairings to try today

We all know that wine and food go together perfectly – with everything from cheese to chocolate, the list of possible pairings is endless. But do you really know what you should be garnishing your champagne with? Read our blog to get the low-down on the perfect wine pairings to complement your dinner.


According to the experts, a crisp Chardonnay is the perfect accompaniment for fish, especially fatty fish, or fish in a rich sauce. Keep this in mind the next time you’re craving sea food!


This dry red tastes best when matched with meat, especially with steak or lamb with some mint on the side. The strong tannins in this wine refreshes the palate after each bite!


Bordeaux rosé

You might think it’s impossible to pair a fruity, full-bodied rosé with food because of its sweetness, but you’d be wrong. Pair this with classy sea food such as lobster or seared salmon. If you’re looking for dessert too, this type of wine is excellent with Camembert or Brie.


Surprisingly enough, this dry sparkling wine goes amazingly with sushi. Mushroom dishes and risottos are also on the menu with champagne, if seafood isn’t to your taste. If you are craving something a bit lighter, nuts, popcorn and potato chips are also recommended, particularly with a traditional Brut.



Everyone has tried this classic red. But did you know it goes best with tomato-based dishes, or those from the North of Italy?

It’s important to remember that these are only guidelines, and each individual palette will be specific to your own taste. Feel free to pair any wine with any accompanying dish you enjoy – there are no set rules to follow. Something that your neighbor loves might taste completely awful to you, and vice versa!

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